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Dieting to improve heart function in diabetes

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Fat around the heart may be detrimental for cardiac function, especially in patients with metabolic disease such as diabtes.

During the Radiological Society of North America meeting, researchers from Leiden University Medical Center, in Netherlands, assessed the long-term effects of initial weight loss using caloric restriction on pericardial fat content and cardiac function in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. (more…)

Cardiovascular effects of omega-3 in women

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Researchers at Statens Serum Institut, in Copenhagen, Denmark, explored the association between intake of long chain omega-3 fatty acids and the risk of cardiovascular disease in a large group of young women. (more…)

More quality control problems with Vitamin D

Thursday, December 29th, 2011 has reported problems with 29% of the¬†vitamin D supplements selected for testing and review. (more…)

Review: Near legendary status of vitamin D

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Medscape has posted a review by researchers at West Virginia University, in Morgantown. (more…)

Pilates: Lack of impact on body composition

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Researchers at the University of Costa Rica, in San Jose, reviewed the evidence on the effects of Pilates exercises body composition. (more…)

Do diet soft drinks predispose to obesity?

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

During the American Diabetes Association 71st Scientific Sessions, researchers from The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio reported on (abstract 0062-OR) the relationship between drinking diet soft drinks and long-term changes in waist circumference. (more…)

Best program to loss weight

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Researchers at MRC Human Nutrition Research, in Cambridge, UK, compared weight loss with standard treatment in primary care to a commercial provider. (more…)

Sunless tanning products: Beliefs and practice

Monday, December 26th, 2011

Researchers at Emory University School of Medicine, in Atlanta, Georgia, studied the effects of sunless tanning products on tanning behaviors. (more…)

Maggot therapy for wound debridement

Monday, December 26th, 2011

Researchers at the Universitaire de Caen, in France, studied the effects of bagged larvae on wound debridement compared with conventional treatment. (more…)

Coenzyme Q(10) supplementation in obese people

Monday, December 26th, 2011

Researchers at Yonsei University College of Medicine, in Seoul, Republic of Korea, studied changes in metabolic parameters, inflammatory markers, arterial stiffness, and fatigue. (more…)

Contribution of mindfulness in rheumatic joint disease

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Researchers at Diakonhjemmet Hospital, in Oslo, Norway, evaluated the effects of a mindfulness-based group training in adults with inflammatory rheumatic joint diseases. (more…)

Omega-3 and the incidence of arrhythmias and fatal heart attack

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Researchers in Netherlands studied high-risk patients with a previous myocardial infarction and diabetes. (more…)

Review: Homeopathic treatments in psychiatry

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Really? (more…)

Effect of vitamin D supplements on cancer and fracture risks

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Researchers in Boston and Japan, reviewed the effects of vitamin D with or without calcium supplementation. (more…)

Calcium + vitamin D effect on abdominal fat mass

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston,¬† investigated the effect of calcium + vitamin D-supplemented orange juice on weight loss and visceral (internal organs) adipose tissue in overweight and obese adults. (more…)

Does acupuncture relieve pain?

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Acupuncture is commonly used for pain control, but doubts about its effectiveness and safety remain.

Prof. Ernst and colleagues reviewed the evidence. (more…)

Vitamin D and the risk of death in the general population

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

An international group of researchers reviewed the evidence. (more…)

Review: Yoga to treat pain

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Researchers at the University of Witten/Herdecke, in Germany, performed a meta-analysis on the effectiveness of yoga on pain and associated disability. (more…)

Effect of valerian on sleep quality

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

About 50% of postmenopausal women experience sleep disturbances such as insomnia.

Researchers at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, in Iran, evaluated the effects of valerian extract taken nightly. (more…)

Ethics of alternative vs traditional medicine

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Ms. Elaine Hirsh is a reader of this blog and has authored this comment on several issues that should concern people who opt to use CAM options. She is interested in a wide range of topics ranging from education to technology to public policy. She is currently working as a writer for a masters degree website. (more…)