Chiropractic for pregnancy-related back pain

Reviewers from The University of Sheffield in the UK report that based on the available research, “chiropractic care is associated with improved outcomes in pregnancy-related low back pain.”

The studies are weak, however.

First, the details.

  • A literature search revealed 6 studies worth reviewing.
  • Quality scores ranged from 5 to 14 of 27.
  • Outcome measures among the studies were inconsistent as were descriptions of patients, treatments, and treatment schedules.
  • All studies lacked randomization and control groups

And, the results.

  • But, based on what’s available, all studies reported positive results.

The bottom line?
They authors concluded, “Given the relatively common use of chiropractic care during pregnancy, there is need for higher quality observational studies and controlled trials to determine efficacy.”

11/6/08 19:21 JR

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