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Grain- vs grass-feed beef. Is there a difference?

 Nutridata says yes.

The differences between grass- and grain-fed beef.

  • Grass-fed ground beef contains close to the same amount of fat as 90% lean ground beef.
  • Grass-fed contains more omega-3 fats and has a slightly better omega ratio (5:1 for grass-fed vs 7:1 for grain-fed).
    • The total amount of omega-3 fats, however, is fairly small.
  • There are no significant differences in vitamin and mineral content.

The bottom line?
Blogger Monica Reiagel concludes, “For those looking for leaner sources of red meat, grass-fed definitely fits the bill, and is becoming more widely available.”

Nutrition Data, the source of this information, is one of the most “authoritative and useful sources of nutritional analysis on the Web,” according to their website.  I find it a useful source of nutritional information.

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