November is diabetes month at the CAM Report.

Here’s what we covered so far this year.


  • No difference in A1c

Tai chi

  • The value of tai chi in lowering A1c values in diabetics is piling up.

Diet plus exercise

  • 51% lower incidence of diabetes over 6 years
  • 43% lower incidence over 20 years

Salacia oblonga extract

  • Lowered blood sugar levels


  • No effect on glycemic control in type 2 diabetes.

Vitamin D

  • Treatment during infancy might protect from the development of type 1 diabetes


  • Effective and safe in type 2 diabetes


  • Lowered fasting blood glucose levels

The bottom line?
Remember, these are complementary options. They do not replace diet, exercise, and drug treatments prescribed by a physician.

11/1/08 19:18 JR

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