ttmed reports on the 2nd International Conference on Hypertension, Lipids, Diabetes and Stroke Prevention in Prague.

Here are the CAM highlights.

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C was effective in elevating HDL (good) cholesterol levels [Siavash et al, Abst 1022].

Olive oil

  • Positive effects of olive oil on HDL-cholesterol were accompanied by improvements in chronic constipation, and increased triglycerides and albumin in people with chronic kidney disease.
  • Older individuals without kidney disease showed a decrease in triglycerides [Villarrubia et al, Abst 1060].

Ayurvedic medicine

  • Severe dyslipidemia was improved by Ayurveda medicine based on Indukantha ghritham (medicated ghee preparation) plant extracts followed by Balaswagandhadi thailam (oil) massage and steam bath [Shetty and Roy, Abst 1151].

The value of patient education

  • A school-based health promotion program among adolescents was effective in controlling dietary and physical activity-related risk factors for obesity [Azadi et al, Abst 1039].
  • Family health counseling in women with high blood pressure was able to lower blood pressure values [Jafari. et al, Abst 1040].
  • Group discussion with high-school students led to blood pressure reductions [Azati. et al, Abst 1038].


  • Citicoline (a dietary supplement ingredient) showed improved cognitive function (reasoning) following stroke in patients with dementia [Shanmugam, Abst 1152].

The bottom line?
Understandably, the author had to cover a lot of topics in the article, but more detail would have increased the usefulness of the information.

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