It’s possible to purchase 35% hydrogen peroxide over the Internet and use it to treat AIDS, cancer, emphysema, and other serious and life-threatening diseases. But is it a good idea?

This high-strength hydrogen peroxide is more than 10 times stronger than the solution in the brown bottle at the local pharmacy. At the 35% concentration, it is highly corrosive. If swallowed, it can cause gastrointestinal irritation or ulceration. If injected into a vein it can cause inflammation of the blood vessel at the injection site, as well as bubbles in blood vessels, and potentially life-threatening allergic reactions.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has never approved the use of 35% hydrogen peroxide to be taken internally and considers it dangerous. At least one death and several injuries requiring hospitalization have been reported.

8/3/06 20:23 JR

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