Effect of yoga on menopausal symptoms

Researchers at NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, observed the effect of yoga on menopausal symptoms.

First, the details.

  • The participants were divided into 2 treatment groups.
    • Yoga (asana, pranayam, and meditation) under supervision was conducted for 3 months
    • Control group that did not perform yoga
  • Total Menopause Rating Scale score and 3 subscale scores including somato-vegetative (hot flash in addition to other somatic complaints), psychological, and urogenital were measured on day 1 and day 90 in the study group.

And, the results.

  • Day 1: the scores in both the groups were comparable.
  • Day 90: the scores in the yoga group showed a significant reduction in score on all the subscales
  • No significant change was noted in the control group.

The bottom line?

The authors concluded, “Yoga is effective in reducing menopausal symptoms and should be considered as alternative therapy for the management of menopausal symptoms.”

It’s controversial. Others have a different view.

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