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New vitamin D recommendations from Canada

The results from many studies in the past 2 years make it clear that current vitamin D guidelines aren’t sufficient, and we can’t rely on the sun to meet our daily requirements.

Here are the latest recommendations from Osteoporosis Canada.

Adults under age 50

  • Daily supplements of 400 to 1000 IU for adults without osteoporosis or conditions affecting vitamin D absorption are recommended.

Adults over 50

  • 800 and 2000 IU daily are recommended.

Minimum recommendation

  • “A daily supplement of 25 mcg (800 IU) should be regarded as a minimum dose for adults with osteoporosis.”

The bottom line?

The authors concluded, Canadians can safely take daily vitamin D supplements up to the current definition of tolerable upper intake level (50 mcg; 2000 IU), but doses above that require medical supervision.”

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The FDA recently issued vitamin D recommendations for infants.

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