Here’s a summary of what has been covered on this site about CAM and colorectal cancer.

Soy and colorectal cancer risk in women

  • Each 5 grams/day increase in soy foods was associated with an 8% reduction in risk.


  • “Existing evidence [supports] that omega-3 fatty acids inhibit colorectal carcinogenesis, … but few data are available addressing this association.”
  • The incidence of colorectal cancer might be lowered 12% by consuming more fish per week.

Vitamin D

  • There was a significant association between death due to colorectal cancer and lower blood levels of 25(OH)D level.


  • No evidence that tomatoes reduce the risk.

Folic acid

  • A large study found no benefit.
  • In fact, folic acid supplements might cause harm.

Physical activity

  • Spending more time in physical activity was associated with a significant reduction in colon cancer for both men and women.


  • Very limited evidence supported a relation between garlic consumption and reduced risk of colon.

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