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No benefit from acupuncture to induce labor

Acupuncture did not reduce the need for induction methods or the duration of labor in women with a postterm pregnancy.

Postterm pregnancy, also called a prolonged pregnancy, extends beyond 42 weeks from the first day of the last menstrual period. As many as 10% of pregnancies are postterm.

First, the details.

  • 364 women were randomly assigned to acupuncture or sham acupuncture.
  • Women with 1 fetus in cephalic presentation (the most usual position to be born) and scheduled for a postterm induction were eligible for the study.
  • 2 acupuncture or sham acupuncture sessions were given over 2 days before the planned medical/pharmacological induction.

And, the results.

  • No difference in the need for induction methods between groups: including prostaglandin induction; artificial rupture of membranes only; oxytocin (Pitocin) only; artificial rupture of membranes plus oxytocin; or prostaglandins, artificial rupture of membranes, and oxytocin.
  • There was no difference in the time from acupuncture to delivery.

The bottom line?
Acupuncture as administered in this study had no effect on induction methods or duration of labor.

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