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Pomegranate doesn’t improve erectile dysfunction

But, Dr. Harin Padma-Nathan from UCLA is a well-recognized researcher in this field, and he thinks more study is warranted.

First, the details as reported at

  • 53 men with impotence were treated for 2, 4-week periods separated by a 2-week washout period.
  • In random order they received daily pomegranate juice (POM Wonderful, 237 mL, 8 ounces), or a placebo beverage.

And, the results.

  • 47% of the men reported improvement after consuming the pomegranate juice
  • 32% improved while taking placebo.
  • The difference was not statistically significant.

The bottom line?
Based on the abstract of the study, the 53 men represent those who competed the study — not the number that started. Therefore, it’s likely that the total number of responders might have been lower had all participants (the intent-to-treat population) been include in the results. After all, most people wouldn’t drop out of a study if the treatment worked.

The antioxidant content of pomegranate juice, which can prevent free radical molecules from disrupting proper circulatory function, might be the reason the researchers think it’s worthwhile to do another study.

Got erectile dysfunction? First, see your doctor to correct any underlying diseases that predispose to this condition. As you can see here, the treatment of erectile dysfunction using “natural” products is full of misrepresentations and failure.

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