Chiropractic and whiplash injury

An article in the Archives of Internal Medicine reports that patients who see general practitioners and receive a “low intensity of care” recover from their injuries more quickly compared with those who see general practitioners for more intensive care.

  • Patients who see chiropractors and a medical practitioner have slower recoveries.
  • Those who see only chiropractors and receive a high intensity of care have the slowest recovery.

In other words, the more intensive care provided by a more specialized healthcare provider results in the slowest recover.


Might there be a connection between these findings and an earlier article published in The New England Journal of Medicine, which reported, “The elimination of compensation for pain and suffering is associated with a decreased incidence and improved prognosis of whiplash injury.”

Furthermore, what are the implications for any attempt to document the value of chiropractic intervention in a condition that is susceptible to these factors?

6/25/06 11:34 JR
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