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Using prebiotics to improve the health benefits of candy

Confections are not viewed as products you use to get health benefits.

Substituting non-caloric sweeteners makes candy less bad for you. But we’re interested in making candy healthy.

In an article in Functional Food & Nutraceuticals, writer Juliana Zeiher explains, “Therein lies a unique opportunity for manufacturers — to enhance the nutritional profile of confections and provide consumers with alternative products that address many dietary and health concerns.”

One problem faced by manufacturers is that sweets traditionally have a small serving size. Added ingredients must be effective in small amounts and not compromise the overall appeal of the product.

Enter prebiotic fibers, which deliver health benefits such as improving mineral absorption and enhancing immunity. Blending the fibers with calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals offers a strategy to create a “healthy” confection without sacrificing taste.

A prebiotic is a “non-digestible” food ingredient. A comparison of pre, pro, and synbiotics is presented here.

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