The new age of polarity therapy

Polarity is one of many new age holistic health practices. It attempts to cure disorders in mind, body and spirit, and promote “wholeness.”

A nice idea. But there is little except faith supporting the premise. One study in a very small population of cancer patients was reviewed here.

What can you expect during a session of polarity therapy? Touching, stretching, eating, and counseling of course.

If you’re ready, let’s look closer at what goes on during a typical session.

Manipulation and touch

  • To release and then block polarized blocked energy currents that cause illness
  • Includes deep pressure, manipulation, and light touch

Stretching and postures

  • Similar to yoga
  • Shout and groan to help release tension


  • One for “cleansing”
  • Then, one for “health-building”
  • Followed by a maintenance diet
  • You might want to consult a doctor before starting this

Mental attitude

  • Counseling
  • To balance and stabilize the mind

Thanks to a website out of South Africa called Mind and Body ? The Complete Natural Health Directory.

Illustration: Mind and Body

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