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Omega-3 fatty acids better than defibrillators to prevent sudden death!

For this study, researchers created a computer-simulated community of 100,000 people that resembled the population of Olmsted County, Minnesota, in 2000.

By raising omega-3 fatty acid levels among all the Olmsted cyber-citizens, the researchers estimated that the overall death rate could be reduced 6.4%. By contrast, automated external defibrillators (AEDs) reduced death rates by 0.8%, and implanted defibrillators reduced deaths by 3.3%.

Don’t laugh. Computer-simulated research could be the next big thing, especially where the cost of healthcare is concerned.

For example?

The cost of raising omega-3 blood levels in this cyber-community would be about $5.8 million a year ($58 per person) — less if the cyber-people ate more fish.

Equipping every household with an AED would cost $201 million, the researchers estimate. Alternatively, it would cost $195,000 to distribution AEDs to first responders such as paramedics and firefighters.

Suchi, anyone?

Source: Kottke, et al. Am J Prev Med. 2006;31(4).

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