Are you getting your nutrients from your multivitamin supplement? found defects in over 30% of the multivitamins selected for review.

And the results.

  • Many products exceeded tolerable upper limits for certain vitamins or minerals.
  • 3 of 4 popular children’s multivitamins reviewed were too high in vitamin A.
  • 1 men’s multivitamin was contaminated with lead and another had too much folic acid — associated with more than doubling the risk of prostate cancer.
  • 1 general multivitamin had no more than 50% of its folic acid.
  • Another was missing 30% of its calcium.
  • A senior’s, a prenatal, and a women’s multivitamin each had only 44%, 44%, and 66%, respectively, of their vitamin A.
  • A vitamin water had 15 times its stated amount of folic acid.
    • Drinking 1 bottle would exceed the tolerable limit for adults.
    • Drinking less than half a bottle would put children over the limit.
  • A pet multivitamin was contaminated with lead and another had only 46% of its vitamin A and 55% of its calcium.

The bottom line?

More oversight is needed to protect the health and financial investment of those who purchase multivitamin and mineral products.

A list of the products tested is on the website, but you’ll have to be a subscriber to get the details.

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