Dr. Stewart Tepper from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio reports that “parents frequently ask healthcare professionals to provide ‘natural’ migraine care for their children.”

Here’s what he found.

  • The only well-designed study on any alternative treatment for pediatric migraine is for magnesium, and the results were equivocal.
    • 2 other reports of magnesium (for migraine and episodic tension-type headache) were positive.
  • There is one positive report for coenzyme Q10 and Petasites (butterbur for example) to prevent pediatric migraine.
  • There are no studies of riboflavin or feverfew for pediatric headache.

The bottom line?

Since this report, there’s been nothing published to change the conclusions. However, a positive report on the use of Internet-based help has appeared.

9/4/08 20:37 JR

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