Michael Crichton and genetically modified food

The late physician/author of Jurassic Park, State of Fear, and ER was once asked by Scott Burgess if genetically modified food (GM) is a boon or threat to the world.

He answered, “Most of the people I know who are anxious about GM say that their concerns lie with the fact that the technology is of unproven safety. They share their worries with like-minded people by use of their cell phones. When I remind them that cell phones are a technology of unproven safety, and that the construction of all these wireless networks around the world and in our houses is a development of unproven safety, they just shrug. They don’t care. Even though most of them are old enough to remember the false fears about cancer and electromagnetic radiation. You’d think that fear could be easily reawakened in them, but no.”

“Fears are a matter of fashion. Worries are like clothing styles, they come and go, rise and fall, based on what the worry fashion leaders tell the herd of independent minds to fear this year. GM is fashionable to fear. But that will change.”

The interview covers a lot more than GM, including his view of antioxidants and cancer. You can read it in The Daily Ablution.

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