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Spirituality today lowers the risk of drug use next year

Some researcher and editors must think that jargon-filled writing increases the relevance of their work. Here’s an abstract from a study where the word “shibboleth” was used.

Ten points if you know the definition of “shibboleth” without looking it up. Bonus points if you can use it in a sentence where no other simpler English-language word can be used.

That said. Here’s my summary of this spirituality study, with “shibboleth” deleted.

About 500 southern California high school students completed a survey of their spirituality and drug use.

  • “Non-drug use spirituality” was defined as participation in spiritual groups, and engagement in spiritual practices such as prayer.
  • “Drug-use spirituality” was defined as using drugs for “spiritual” reasons.

The results.

  • Being spiritual and not using drugs now predicted not using alcohol, marijuana, and stimulants one year later.
  • Using drugs now predicted using cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, hallucinogens, and stimulants one year later.

There ya go. And I didn’t say “shibboleth” even once.

11/25/06 13:38 JR

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