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A multi-herb formula for respiratory tract health

Sinupret is a popular herbal product in Germany.

Here’s a summary from Medical News Today, based on a monograph by the American Botanical Council (ABC).

First, the details.
Studies of Sinupret include 4 on acute sinusitis, 2 on chronic sinusitis, 1 meta-analysis of studies of sinusitis, 2 studies of bronchitis, and a post-marketing surveillance study of patients with bronchitis.

And the results.
ABC reports, “Sinupret has a relatively significant level of safety and efficacy data compared to many other natural products intended for use in maintaining the health of sinuses and the upper respiratory tract.”

The bottom line?
Unfortunately, the Herbal Gram website has been hacked and greater detail isn’t available.

However, a review of rhinosinusitis by Prof. Ernst in 2006 appears to agree:

  • “The quality of studies varied, but 2 in acute sinusitis, including the largest and best quality study, and 1 in chronic sinusitis reported significant positive findings.”
  • Prof. Ernst concluded, “There is encouraging evidence that Sinupret… may be effective adjunctive treatments in acute rhinosinusitis.”

The ingredients in Sinupret are listed here.

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