Challenges in CAM research today

 Here are the thoughts of Dr. Margery Gass (photo), who is Professor of Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio.

The challenge, she believes, is to put the results of high-quality CAM research into a broader context.

For example, CAM therapy might not perform as well as a prescription drug, but might have fewer side effects, fewer tests, and offer “more peace of mind.”

Under these circumstances, Dr. Gass believes some women would “prefer the CAM scenario to that of the prescription drug where there may be greater efficacy but also more office visits, tests, and side effects.”

The bottom line?
Dr. Gass acknowledges, “It may not be possible to do this in all studies, but it would be helpful to patients and providers if CAM research can go beyond the primary outcome and capture all aspects of the treatment that patients value.”

OK, but when you’re sick, there’s nothing like a treatment that works.

10/6/08 19:12 JR

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