No special label for genetically altered meats

 The FDA has released draft guidance stating it will not require a label on food made from genetically engineered animals.

The agency hasn’t approved a genetically engineered animal for human consumption yet, but is reviewing 40 and 50 applications.

The FDA plans to regulate genetically engineered animals, created for human use or consumption, the same way as veterinary drugs. In other words, they will go through a safety review process.

Consumer groups think that the review process might not be stringent enough and expressed concern about environmental consequences.

Proponents say genetically engineered animals have uses that could dramatically improve human health. For example, “biopharm” animals are created to generate ingredients for medicines, or those raised for organ transplantation into humans. Others are more nutritious or grow faster, improving the diet and enhancing farmers’ profits.

The public can comment until November 18th.

9/23/08 19:53 JR

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