Why have chiropractors been unable to establish themselves as a well-respected, highly used group of professionals who are recognized by the public as offering essential services to society?

Chiropractic practitioners from around the country weigh in.

Public health

  • Openly embrace and become actively involved in the American Public Health Association and in established public health initiatives.
  • Chiropractors dogmatically opposed to common public health practices (immunization, public water fluoridation) should cease such “unfounded activity.”

Educational reform

  • Critically look at chiropractic educational institutions to find what’s substandard.
  • Correct deficiencies, including the perpetuation of dogma and unfounded claims.
  • Require chiropractic faculty to engage in research and scholarship.
  • Consider upgrading admission requirements to chiropractic schools.

Residency programs in hospitals

  • Establish hospital-based residencies.
  • Chiropractic internships should, as with medicine and podiatry, occur after graduation.
  • Require completion of postgraduate residency training as a condition of getting licensed.

Clear identity

  • There is only one societal need that chiropractic medicine has the potential to meet: non-surgical spine care.

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