Caught in the act by the FDA, Herbal Science International, Inc. (aka Jen-On Herbal Science International, Inc.) is recalling 12 dietary supplements that contain ephedra, aristolochic acid, or human placenta.

Human placenta!

These products contain ephedra.

  • Wu Yao Shun Qi San
  • Qing Bi Tang (Nasal Cleanser)
  • Zhong Fong Huo Luo Wan (Stroke Revito Formula)
  • Xiao Qing Long Tang (Little Green Dragon)
  • Ding Chuan Tang
  • Xiao Xu Ming Tang
  • Feng Shi Zhi Tong Wan (Joint Relief)
  • Guo Min Bi Yan Wan
  • Fang Feng Tong Sheng San

No dose of ephedra is considered safe.

These products contain aristolochic acid, a cancer causing chemical and kidney toxin.

  • Tou Tong San (Headache Formula)
  • Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang (Du Huo Joint Relief)

This product contains human placenta that may transmit disease.

  • Seng Jong Tzu Tong Tan

The bottom line?
The FDA is moving to gain tighter control the quality of manufactured supplements. It can’t come soon enough.

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