Newfangled gadgets to prevent computer-related injuries

Medical News Today reports on research by Dr. Alan Hedge from Cornell’s College of Human Ecology in New York.

It’s important because repetitive-motion injuries are associated with one-third to one-half of all compensatory injuries at work.

Vibrating mouse

  • Yes, volunteers remove their hands more often with a vibrating mouse than with a conventional mouse.
  • But they tended to hold their hand just above the mouse — potentially more detrimental.

Undulating chairs to alleviate back pain

  • Promising, particularly for people with back problems.

Movable arms for monitors

  • People like the monitor arm because they can adjust their LCD screen, and it provides more room on the desktop.
  • Also, fewer complaints about neck problems.

Much more is on this topic is available at the Cornell University Ergonomics Website.

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