If you?re interested in learning more about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), here is a link to the Traditional Chinese Medicine World Foundation. It’s dedicated to educating the public and healthcare professionals about classical TCM and natural self-healing.

Here is a synopsis of healing from the perspective of TCM.

  • Healing is multidimensional
  • Body, mind, spirit, and emotions must be addressed in the “healing journey”
  • TCM is not the result of scientific or rational thinking
  • It’s based on a perception and understanding of natural law — how this world and the universe function at the level of energy
  • One goal is to identify and treat the root cause of conditions in order to achieve genuine healing and prevent a return of an illness
  • Addressing these causes early on makes it possible to achieve and maintain good health
  • TCM uses a variety of natural healing treatments to stimulate an innate healing capacity
  • During illness, the ability to self-heal might be dormant, but it responds to natural forms of treatment

Interestingly, TCM doctors in ancient times were paid only if their patients remained well!

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