Yes, they teach CAM at osteopathic and allopathic medical schools.

This survey concludes we need less advocacy and more reliance on evidence-based medicine (ie, combining research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values).

CAM is usually taught in the first 2 years of medical school and involves fewer than 20 contact hours of instruction.

The topics most often taught.

  • Acupuncture (68%)
  • Herbs and botanicals (68%)
  • Spirituality (56%)
  • Dietary therapy (52%)
  • Homeopathy (48%)

Most (72%) CAM instructors were also practitioners of CAM modes of therapy. Few (12%) of the instructors taught CAM from an evidence-based perspective.

The question is, for some of these topics (homeopathy, spirituality) would there be enough clinical trials to fill the curriculum? Or should there be?

2/10/07 08:43 JR

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