Researchers from the Free University in Brussels used hypnosis to treat 28 patients who failed to respond to conventional treatments. It was either added to ongoing treatment or used alone.

And, the results.

  • 21 patients were followed over 5 years.
  • Different forms of alopecia were represented, including 12 cases of alopecia areata (loss of hair in circumscribed patches).
  • All patients had a significantly less anxiety and depression.
  • Scalp hair growth of 75% to 100% occurred in 12 patients after 3 to 8 sessions of hypnotherapy.
  • Total growth occurred in 9 of these 12 patients.
  • In 5 patients, a significant relapse occurred when treatment ended.

The bottom line.
The authors concluded, “Hypnotherapy may enhance the mental well-being of patients with alopecia areata and it may improve clinical outcome.”

Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that targets hair follicles. Stress might contribute to it. So, there’s a potential link to hypnosis. However, considering that only 12 people had alopecia areata, it’s hard to come to any conclusions.

In the meantime, here’s a detailed review from last year.

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