Norwegian hospital offers chiropractic thru the orthopedic department

That’s the main message in this article. However, the authors include their experience in treating 44 patients with sudden and painful low back pain.

Orthopedic surgeons examined the patients and found nothing wrong. Examination by the doctor of chiropractic indicated they had lumbopelvic fixation and proceeded to treat them.

Under the chiropractor’s care the period of sick leave was reduced two-thirds compared to what would be expected with conventional medical treatment.

It’s not clear, based on the information available, what was “expected with conventional medical treatment.” For reference, an article in American Family Physicians states, “At least 60% of patients with acute low back pain return to work within one month, and 90% return within three months.”

Aside from the study results, including chiropractic as part of hospital services brings another option to patients.

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