Dr. Charles Blum has published a report of one patient with diabetes who was successfully treated with dietary modification and exercise.

Oh yes, the patient also got chiropractic manipulations.

Within one month of treatment his sugar levels went back to normal and remained stable.

Dr. Blum concludes, “While it is much too soon to say that chiropractic can treat or prevent diabetes, what does seem reasonable at this point is to assume that chiropractic can help with the secondary syndromes associated with diabetes such as vascular, neurological, and stress — all of which play important factors in a patient’s quality of life.”

The bottom line.

Sorry, but this anecdotal report supports none of the above.

  • There’s no evidence that adding chiropractic to accepted diabetes treatment (diet and exercise) contributes anything.
  • It would have been useful to see the level of diabetes control achieved by diet and exercise with and without the contribution of chiropractic.

Alas, this wasn’t done.

Using the terms “diabetes” and “chiropractic,” I found no studies of chiropractic to treat diabetes on Pub Med.

2/8/07 09:25 JR

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