Ayurvedic herbs used to treat schizophrenia

The Cochrane Library reviewed the literature and found 3 small studies.

And, the results.
Based on a total population of 250 patients the reviewers were unable to assess broad outcomes such as global state, use of services, and satisfaction with treatment. However…

Compared to placebo…

  • 20% of people left the studies early.
  • Mental state ratings were mostly equivocal.
  • Behavior seemed unchanged.
  • Nausea and vomiting were common with brahmyadiyoga (an Ayurvedic formulation containing mandukparni, a dried whole plant of Centella asiatica).

Compared with the antipsychotic drug (chlorpromazine; Thorazine)…

  • Herbs were associated with a greater risk of no improvement in mental state.
  • Again, nausea and vomiting were found with use of brahmyadiyoga.
  • Overall, the data seemed to favor chlorpromazine.

The bottom line?
Based on the few patients studied, there’s no evidence of advantage with Ayurvedic medication.

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