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Natural Products Association will test Chinese raw materials

David Seckman, executive director and CEO of the Natural Products Association (NPA) announced. “By testing raw materials in China, we’re adding another layer of consumer protection.”

In the past, US companies relied on Chinese laboratories or had to test samples themselves in the US. Now, the US Pharmacopeia (USP) will do the testing in their Shanghai, China laboratory.

There are some advantages for the Chinese suppliers that submit ingredients to the program.

  • Restore their reputation
  • Potentially gain a market edge by differentiating their products
  • Ultimately, gain access to new customers

The bottom line?
This is a voluntary program. At some point we will see logos on products that proclaim the ingredients to be USP-approved.

Along with the new role of the FDA to establish quality control, the NPA announcement could be important for the supplement industry and consumers.

7/28/07 10:50 JR

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