Latest data on CAM use in the US

This report from Mintel International Group Ltd. will set you back about $3000.

Here’s what they tell us for free.

  • CAM sales in the US were $5 billion in 2005.
  • 62% of US adults are using CAM.
  • 75% of Americans have used CAM.
  • The average American spent $60 on remedies in 2005.

Respondents to this survey generally believe that CAM is safer and has fewer side effects than pharmaceuticals. Only 3% thought CAM had more side effects than conventional medicines.

Women are more interested and use CAM remedies more frequently than men, along with self-employed respondents and those that live with a partner.

It’s likely that the CAM market will experience continued and faster growth, especially due to an aging population, scientific findings that demonstrate the efficacy of some products, and interest in less invasive medicines.

7/15/07 21:19 JR

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