Trans Fats

McDonalds testing healthier fries

Crain’s Chicago Business reports that McDonald’s is testing a new form of healthier fries at nearly 1200 US locations, and reportedly is making positive strides.

“With the ban in New York, and possibly Chicago, they’re going to be forced to respond. They’re behind the eight ball on this one,” asserts Bob Goldin, an exec with a US restaurant consulting firm.

McDonalds trans fat-saturated french fries, more than any other menu item, separate it from its competitors. But after its failed effort four years ago to sell healthier fries, McDonald’s has no plans this time to tell its customers until after the switch has occurred, sources familiar with the company’s strategy say.

Others who are getting the fat out are listed here and here. Even Disney is banning trans fats.

We’re waiting for Burger King, Starbucks, the Friendly ice-cream chain, and Popeyes fried-chicken chain to remove the trans fat from their foods.

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