A survey of more than a thousand people trying to quit smoking reveals those treatments most commonly used and most often perceived to be effective.

I listed them here with a brief comment on the scientific support.

Most commonly used

  • Hypnosis: limited data; improved rate of cessation at 26 weeks in a pilot study
  • Relaxation: one small study about 15 years ago
  • Acupuncture: doesn’t appear to help
  • Meditation: not really

Most commonly thought to be effective

  • Yoga: one study in 20 people showed increased desire to quit smoking.
  • Relaxation: see above
  • Meditation: see above
  • Massage: not studied

Although not listed, individual counseling can help smokers quit.

A lack of scientific evidence does not mean that these approaches never work. Probably what is most important is to find a way to become motivated to quit. If any of these sound like a way to motivate you, by all means, give it a shot.

12/4/06 14:59 JR

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John Russo, Jr., PharmD, is president of The MedCom Resource, Inc. Previously, he was senior vice president of medical communications at www.Vicus.com, a complementary and alternative medicine website.