Treating infestations of head lice with hot air

Scientists at the University of Utah have invented a chemical-free, hairdryer-like device called the LouseBuster. And they have a study showing that it eradicates head lice infestations on children by exterminating the eggs or “nits” and killing enough lice to prevent them from reproducing.

Here are the details.

  • Several variations in using the LouseBuster were tried in 169 infested people
  • One 30-minute application at a temperature, slightly cooler than a standard blow-dryer
  • Nearly 100% mortality of eggs and 80% mortality of hatched lice
  • All subjects were cured of head lice when examined 1 week later
  • No adverse effects of treatment

You can’t buy the LouseBuster in stores yet. It’s in the “early stages of commercial development by a company called Larada Sciences.”

11/10/06 19:08 JR

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