Marijuana (Cannabinoids)

Negative effects of marijuana on young adulthood

The use of marijuana early in life increases the risk of less adequate performance on some developmental tasks that are important to becoming an independent young adult.

More than 1000 African American and Puerto Rican young people completed questionnaires in their classrooms. Five years later they were each interviewed.

Early users of marijuana were more likely to have the following experiences.

  • Lower educational and occupational expectations
  • Being suspended or expelled from school
  • Being fired from jobs
  • Being ‘high’ at school or work
  • Collecting welfare
  • Rebelliousness
  • Not participating in productive activities
  • Not attending church
  • Being an unmarried parent

These associations with marijuana were not affected by gender, ethnicity, age, and mother’s education.

Now, tell me again the reasons for legalizing it?

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