The yin and yang of ionized bracelets

“We believe [the ionized bracelet] affects the body’s bio-electric balance of positive and negative ions (Yin and Yang), so as to achieve Chi.”

That’s the claim. In addition the bracelets “optimize your bio-energy, to promotion [sic] better performance and an overall sense of health and well-being.”

It’s hard to believe anyone would take such claims seriously. But they do.

The Mayo Clinic tested the bracelets in more than 600 adults. Here are the results.

Adults with musculoskeletal pain were randomly assigned to wear an ionized bracelet or a placebo bracelet for 28 days. Pain level was reported using a scale of 1 to 10.

The results

  • Both groups reported significant improvement
  • But, no difference in the amount of pain relief between those wearing the ionized bracelets and those wearing the placebo bracelets

Apparently, the ionized bracelet was as effective as placebo.

The Q-T bracelet website sells “ionized” bracelets for between $44.00 and $349.95.

Heh, if you send me $29.95, I’ll find a placebo bracelet for you to wear?and shipping will be free. Hurry, the offer expires at 20:59 today.

Illustration: University of Washington

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