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Complementary secrets to living a hundred years

I signed up for the Harvard Health Letter last night. This morning they sent a free report titled, Living to 100: What’s the Secret?

Here are the secrets based on their review of several studies.

There’s not one high tech recommendation in the bunch.

  • Don’t smoke or drink heavily
  • Gain little or no weight during adulthood
  • Don’t overeat
  • Eat many fruits and vegetables
  • Get regular physical activity for as long you’re able
  • Challenge your minds
  • Have a positive outlook
  • Be friendly and maintain close ties with family and friends

“Many researchers think that people could add up to a decade to their lives if they emulated the centenarians. And, from what we know so far, they aren’t doing anything mysterious. They’re simply following the standard health commandments: don’t smoke, keep trim, get exercise, manage stress, and avoid social isolation.”

It’s good reading. You should sign up and read the whole thing.

9/22/06 10:58 JR

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