Court suppresses report on herbal treatment of tinnitus

In April 2006 Schwabe Pharma (Australia) launched a marketing campaign promoting Tebonin for “tinnitus and vertigo relief.” Tebonin is an extract of Ginkgo biloba leaves called EGB761.

Now, the British Medical Journal reports that a federal court in Australia has granted an injunction sought by the company to temporarily suppress a report by a consumer watchdog group called AusPharm Consumer Health Watch that is critical of this product.

The advertisement for Tebonin states that it has shown “through clinical research to be an effective treatment for a range of conditions relating to microcirculation including tinnitus, vertigo, peripheral circulation and cognitive function.”

It continues, “Tebonin optimizes the flow properties of the blood through capillaries increasing the amount of oxygen supplied to all organs, tissues and individual cells throughout the human body, effectively reducing the amount of free radicals within cells and enabling optimum cell function.”

A detailed review published in The Journal of the American Botanical Association makes no mention of EGB research on tinnitus or vertigo.

7/13/06 21:36 JR

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