The FDA tells us that Wholistic Herbs Inc. is recalling all of its “Koff & Kold” spray with herbal extract and “Kold Sore” spray with liquid sea mineral.

Here’s what we know.

  • “Koff & Kold” spray with herbal extract is sprayed into the nose and throat to treat colds, flu, cough, stuffy nose, and sinus infection.
  • “Kold Sore” spray with liquid sea mineral is sprayed into the eyes to treat dry eye and pink eye.
    • It’s also intended to be sprayed into the nose for sinus allergy by pollen, and onto the lips and genitals for the treatment of fever blisters, shingles and herpes simplex.


  • These products are not tested properly to assure their safety.
  • “Kold Sore” for the eye is not sterile and has the potential to cause eye infections, which may be sight threatening.
  • When sprayed in the nose both products could lead to a respiratory infection.

The bottom line?

Consumers who purchased “Koff & Kold” and “Kold Sore” are urged to discontinue their use. Return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.

2/13/12 20:55 JR

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