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ConsumerLab tests turmeric (curcumin) supplements

14 brands were tested.

And, the results are grim.

Lead contamination

  • 1 popular brand to contained almost 19 mcg of lead in a daily serving — the highest amount ConsumerLab has ever reported.
  • Another brand was contaminated with 8.3 mcg of lead.
  • These amounts are well above those to which people are normally exposed and should be avoided.


  • 2 other products provided only 12% and 50%, respectively, of expected curcumin compounds.
  • A fifth product failed to specify the part of the plant used — a FDA labeling requirement.

The bottom line?
More than a third of the 14 brands had quality control problems, including heavy metal contamination.

You’ll have to buy the report to get more details.

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