Singer/songwriter Sarah Stefanson writing on The Soko website discusses terminology and what to expect during your Ayurvedic session.

I’ve focused on terminology.

Every person has a dosha, which is comprised of 3 humors that describe diseases and conditions.

  • Vata: Air and space — has the qualities of dry, light, and cool
  • Pitta: Fire and water — sharp, hot, and intense
  • Kapha: Earth and water — heavy, cold, and wet

After the doctor determines your doshic balance and the cause of your illness, a series of treatments including massage, cleansing activities, and exercise are prescribed.

  • Abhyanga: Warm oil to calm the nervous, lymphatic and circulation systems.
  • Udvartina: Paste made from herbs, grain flours, and oils to exfoliate during massage.

Diet and yoga are also part of the Ayurvedic lifestyle.

The bottom line?
OK, but please also read this before you take any Ayurvedic medicines.

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