FDA wants to establish offices inside China and India

Asia Food Journal reports that the US Food and Drug Administration has received approval from the US State Department to establish 8 full-time FDA positions at US diplomatic posts in the People’s Republic of China.

All this is depends on authorization from the Chinese government.

The FDA plans to hire and place staff in China over the next 18 months. It will also hire 5 local Chinese nationals to work with the new FDA staff at the US Embassy in Beijing and the US Consulates General in Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Right now, the FDA has “offices at the borders attempting to catch unsafe products,” said US Health Secretary Michael Leavitt. He added, “For the next step, we intend to open similar offices in India.”

The bottom line?
Background on the out of control Chinese pharmaceutical/supplement, and pet food industry is summarized here.

5/28/08 20:44 JR

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