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Erroneous recommendations for herbals to prevent the common cold

Yoga Journal has a misleading article in its latest edition that states, “if you’re looking to sharpen your immune system this winter, also consider one of the following.”

There are no studies in human beings that report lower infection rates by using any of these 3 herbals.

“Astragalus: Take it all winter”

  • Studied in rats, chickens, dogs and hamsters

“Andrographis paniculata: Dose up at the first hint of a cold”

  • Studied in rats, hamsters, and dogs

“Eleuthero: Take it when stress looms”

  • One study in the laboratory on cells taken from patients with advanced ovarian cancer

At the Vitamin Shoppe the cost of this stuff for 60 days if you take one a day is $28.13. Of course, we don’t know how many to take because they have never been studied.

Don’t be foolish.

3/2/07 12:04 JR

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