Most obese Americans don’t try to lose weight, and those that try, fail!

I hate these negative headlines, but there seems to be no upside to the latest survey results on obesity among Americans.

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The Gallup Organization reports, “6 out of 10 Americans are overweight, but only 28% ‘seriously’ are attempting to lose weight.”

The average man weighs 194 pounds, the average woman 155 — up from 180 and 142 pounds in 1990.

Even our view of our ideal weight has increase: 180 pounds for men, 138 for women, compared to 171 and 129 pounds 16 years ago.

What’s more, “90% of the people out there still can’t lose 10% of their body weight and keep it off for 4 years,” says Dr. Richard Kahn or the American Diabetes Association.

It’s all very depressing. I plan to commit myself to losing 10 pounds? right after lunch.

11/25/06 09:56 JR

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