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The long-term value of self-acupuncture for chronic musculoskeletal pain

Acupuncture is expensive, but self-acupuncture might offer an effective treatment alternative. A retrospective audit of patients in the U.K. with chronic pain who were taught self-acupuncture as a home pain management strategy has been published. Each patient had responded to acupuncture previously and been taught self-acupuncture successfully using three acupuncture points (LI4, ST44, LR3).

Here’s a summary or the results.

  • 52 patients (70% female)
  • 38 valid questionnaires returned (73%)
  • 87% still used self-acupuncture and experienced pain reduction
  • Pain relief of 5.7 on a visual analogue scale
  • Improved quality of life reported by 74%
  • No serious adverse effects reported

Other studies summarized here concluded that for persistent non-specific low back pain, a short course of acupuncture appeared to provide modest benefit to health, at a relatively minor extra cost to the U.K. healthcare system.

When used as self-treatment at home, patients who respond initially appear to have a good chance of continued pain relief.

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