Mushroom facts

Considering that it’s National Mushroom Month, here are some mushroom facts.

Who’ eating all those mushroom?

  • More likely to be women
  • Men consume more when they do eat mushrooms
  • 70 to 79 year olds eat the greatest quantity: 27.8 grams of mushroom-containing foods per sitting!
  • More Westerners eat mushrooms, as do those with greater than a high school education
  • Most prefer mushroom in a cooked side dish
  • Younger people and those with less than a high school education prefer mushrooms with beef or on pizza

Health profile of a mushroom consumer

  • Healthier
  • Better nutrient profile
  • More likely to meet the Recommended Daily Allowances of common nutrients
  • Eat more daily servings of vegetables
  • Maintained more healthy body weights
  • More bouts of depression

Effect of substituting mushrooms for meat

  • Reduced fat, sodium and cholesterol
  • Levels of vitamin D significantly increase

Source: 2003 report to the National Mushroom Council

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