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Pilates, and preventing neck and shoulder disorders

pilatesShoulder biomechanics and spine alignment are related to neck-shoulder pain.

Researchers from McGill University, in Montreal, Quebec studied the effects of Pilates.

First, the details.

  • 19 adults were assigned to a treatment group twice, 12 weeks apart.
    • A Pilates training program (2, 1-hour sessions per week)
    • A control group
  • Seated posture; abdominal strength; shoulder range of motion; and maximal shoulder flexion, during which neck, shoulder and trunk kinematics, and the activity of 16 muscles were recorded.

And, the results.

  • The Pilates training program improved abdominal strength and upper spine posture.
  • There was also stabilization in core posture during shoulder movements.

The bottom line?
The authors tell us, “Deficits in these functional aspects have been associated with symptoms in the neck-shoulder region.” They conclude that the “results support the use of Pilates in the prevention of neck-shoulder disorders.”

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